Vicinage Customer Mapping

Unlock the Capability in your spreadsheet and database data with the vicinage (vic-in-arh-ge) customer mapping service.

This service will allow you to visualise where your customers are and provide further insight than conventional methods.

With a success rate over 99% this service can make use of all types of data regardless of the format it is stored in. Don't have your customer data? Talk to us today about how we can assist you.

Add depth to your business and take the first step towards comprehensive business analytics mapping.

Vicinage Market Penetration Analysis

Create insights about the market share of your customer base, the extent of your market hold, and where the greatest opportunities or threats exist.

Identify your reach into the different targeted demographics to make smarter decisions.

Discover where your market is expanding or contracting, and continually monitor the effectiveness of your business decisions.

Focus on real business problems with real ROI, expressed as easily understood maps.

Vicinage Service Delivery Analysis

Create insights about the effectiveness of your service delivery business, and where the greatest opportunities exist to make improvements and save costs.

Identify where delivery KPIs are under threat, and continually monitor the effectiveness of your decisions.

Focus on real business problems with real ROI, expressed as easily understood maps.

Vicinage Research Analysis

Bespoke analysis that combines demographic, agricultural or natural resources data to solve your research problems, and develop Proof of Concept solutions.

Identify, over time, where the modelled phenomenon is changing, to better understand the issues.

Right Place, Right Time

It's important that your dispatchers are confident that the system will select the crew that can get there quickest. With the Vicinity GIS Right Place, Right Time routing model you can be confident that you have dispatched the quickest crew and they will arrive at scene in the time predicted.

Right Place, Right Time matches the data from your vehicles with Vicinity GIS intelligent algorithms to create an Emergency Services Routing model that fits your business perfectly.

Using this model in New Zealand has strengthened St John Ambulance's reputation for a reliability and quality service.

Contact us for a demo today.

"Having a dispatch system that has accurate records for road network, routing, and speeds is critical for timely responses."

St John, New Zealand

Vicinity GIS, The Ultimate Data Health Check

Everyone is acutely aware that any decisions made are only as good as the spatial data underlying those decisions.

When dispatching resources to an emergency it is critical to have your information connected from end to end. We can find and fix discrepancies in your data, giving you confidence in your system and its recommendations. Healthy data is unfragmented, up to date and trustworthy.

Vicinity GIS health checks:

  • include a suite of tests to report on your data health
  • help you make decisions about allocating resources
  • identify the budget required to improve data health

We also know that your TriTech system must remain live and functional whilst improving your data health. We are skilled and experienced at performing these operations whilst your TriTech CAD system is running.

We look forward to talking to your organization about improving your data health!

"One of the clearest indicators of success is that the staff have stopped noticing problems."

St John, New Zealand